Submitted by allison on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 16:00
dash site

Dash Digital Group: Relentlessly improving our own presence

We're not just a development company, or a technology company, or a marketing company - Dash is a hybrid of all that and more. Of course, claiming that means we set the bar pretty high for ourselves, and that our own online presence must reflect that expertise, too.

Not a problem. The team at Dash puts an emphasis on multi-disciplinarity and staying at the leading edge of digital technology, trends and audience expectations. This allows us to recognize where we can improve and to do so with incredible ease. The result? An ever-changing digital presence that reflects leading practice online from design, to accessibility to functionality.

Dash's previous site, which held its tenure from 2013-2016 displays a clean design that was received well by clients, a great depth of information that aided immensely in SEO, and fantastic analytics integration. Through the Dash site, we learned a great deal about audience patterns, conversion funnels and content strength.

We're so proud to share this snapshot of company history, and even more excited to share our next chapter - this website! Get in touch to share your feedback with us.