Submitted by allison on Tue, 09/27/2016 - 14:15

Ontario Ultimate: Building a community online

Ultimate is a thrilling, athletic disc sport — think football, but with a frisbee — and in Ontario, nearly 15,000 people play (three of them are Dash employees). Ontario Ultimate helps players in Ontario better connect to each other through teams and tournaments, and exchange ideas about how to run local clubs, and so a new site was needed. Ontario Ultimate’s site is the most functional in its field. Designed for an ultra-simple administration workflow with mobile access, it includes important features for future growth: a responsive design for mobile, user management, and content controls, including the ability for users to post images, events and forum topics. With an easy-to-manage digital experience in place, Ontario Ultimate is perfectly positioned as the authoritative voice of the sport in its province.

Why they’re amazing: volunteer groups that organize fun athletic activities are vital parts of every healthy community, and Ultimate embodies the best of inclusive and respectful fair play in team sports — its spirit-of-the-game principle is a commendable approach to ensuring good sportsmanship.