Submitted by jordan on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 11:32
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Hobby and Toy Central: Ecommerce and sales

The passion of local entrepreneurs is thrilling to experience, and when they’re able to focus their energy on what they do best, they contribute so much to their communities. When retailer Hobby and Toy Central wanted to drive more foot traffic into their four Southwestern Ontario locations, it was actually a new digital strategy that made all the difference. By overhauling its website, they were able to properly showcase their incredible breadth of hobby supplies and high quality toys, as well as fully integrate with its backend systems to simplify shipping, applying discounts to sales items and automated customer communication. With just a modest investment in email and social marketing, monthly website visits have grown on average 44 per cent over a 12-month period, online sales rose 58 per cent and, most importantly, in-store sales have rocketed 154 per cent.

Why they’re amazing: Hobby and Toy Central’s founder has a wonderful passion for products that inspire creativity and learning in kids and adults alike. Cheryl and her staff demonstrate a deep dedication for delivering great service to customers.

"Dash has been an amazing partner in every aspect of digital technology and marketing, allowing me to focus on product selection and giving personalized service to my customers. The impact on our sales has been outstanding."