Submitted by jordan on Wed, 11/30/2016 - 14:19
metabolic syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome Canada: A targeted approach to health

Canada faces some truly scary health issues, including high rates of diabetes and heart disease. Metabolic Syndrome Canada (MetSC) is non-profit organization raising awareness about the underlying condition that leads to these common chronic illnesses, and offers a scientifically proven long-term approach to proactively treat it. In order to share their ambitious but practical vision with doctors, patients and potential funding partners, MetSC needed to put in place comprehensive communications and digital strategies. Extensive stakeholder interviews, audience research, content development, editorial planning and branding laid the groundwork for MetSC’s new website, and the targeted promotion, fundraising and public relations efforts to come.

Why we’re excited to work with them: MetSC is lead by group of brilliant medical professionals donating their time and energy to help Canadians get healthy. Considering Dash’s own focus on healthy living, how could we not get behind this?

"Canadians are struggling to lead healthy lifestyles, and Dash has become a trusted partner in every aspect of how we tell our story and get this vitally important message out to the people that can have the biggest impact."