Submitted by allison on Wed, 11/23/2016 - 16:12
coaching co

The Coaching Co: Clean design and effective writing

The Coaching Co. is well versed in everything from strategic planning to executive coaching and was in need of a website that echoed their incredible professionalism and expertise. Dash achieved just that. The Coaching Co. website is hinged on the idea that readers should feel smarter after visiting the page. Effective writing and a clean aesthetic marry well with the sharp, functional development at the heart of this project, resulting in a site to be used as both an educational tool and calling card.

Project highlights include:

  • Design that offers deep information without the clutter
  • Snappy, effective writing that communicates brand and draws the reader
  • A clean aesthetic across all pages that echos brand identity
  • Strategic CTA placement for optimized customer journey

"Laurie's extensive business knowledge transforms even the most complex problems into strong solutions while always delivering the right amount of value for the project. You can count on Dash to effectively balance 'needs' with 'wants' in the context of timelines and outcomes."