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tushar singh

Meet the Chief Technology Officer: Tushar Singh

"I don’t think you could meet a more interesting tech person than Tushar. Beyond being a leader his field, he is keenly aware of trends in business and global affairs,” says Laurie Paleczny, Dash president, while reflecting on her six year history of working Tushar.

This kind of rave isn’t rare among Tushar’s colleagues either. His fifteen years of experience in design, development and business direction of technology-focused companies make him a go-to person for all things technology. Tushar launched his career as a developer at the University of Waterloo but quickly found his niche in education-based start-ups, where he could challenge himself in everything from operating system development to software engineering to business prowess.

And that drive for finding a challenge makes its way beyond his work life, too. Tushar competes nationally in ultimate frisbee, has an impressive paintball track record and probably always has three or four “next great ideas” up his sleeve. But, he is currently in the midst of his best project yet: spending time with his one-year-old baby.