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jordan thompson

In conversation with Jordan Thompson

“I’ve always loved puzzles. When I was a kid, I would go through puzzle books like crazy, but my favourites were the ones with clues, where you would have to solve a mystery,” Jordan Thompson, developer at Dash remembers his early fascination with problem solving. “I was always looking for a logical challenge.”

He still is.

High school computer science and engineering classes sparked Jordan’s love for programming early. After trying his hand at general engineering, Jordan quickly found that it was the programming aspect he enjoyed most. From there, he found software engineering technology, which served up a fast-paced environment and a greater diversity of skills and problems to solve.

“I remember sitting in the orientation for my program, and one of the alumni said ‘if you’re detail oriented and want to be constantly advancing, you’re in the right place.’”

Following his education, Jordan didn’t have to look for long to replace that environment – he found it at Dash.

“There’s a lot I want to learn here; technology is always changing, my goal is to just keep up with that, and stay on top on what’s important.”

Jordan’s quest for logic-based problem solving is persistent outside of the office, too. You can find him considering the strategy of sport through watching, playing and coaching baseball or developing new strategies of his own through online gaming.