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laurie flood

In conversation with Laurie Flood

“I always like to be on the edge of impossible; finding the path to success where challenge, skill and re-use create just the right solution for the problem at hand.”

Laurie Flood, president at Dash shares this anecdote in the midst of explaining her multifaceted background. Her education began in music, took a brief stopover in the sciences and ended in economics – she was always running into, and mastering a new challenge. Of course, she hasn’t stopped learning since; an endless course calendar in public speaking, leadership, marketing, fitness and just about everything else keep her on the leading edge of her industry.

And her professional life isn’t any different. Laurie’s 25 years of business experience can be found in everything from financial services to insurance, digital technology to manufacturing and textiles. While her resume boasts high risk, high responsibility corporate roles from management to operations, her dream-big brain is always looking for the next project.

“We were solving massive issues and coordinating teams of thousands, but that kept me far away from the customer,” Laurie says of her time in major corporations. “I wanted to get closer to customers, and really understand their business. I wanted to solve whole problems for a person, not pieces of problems.”

Enter Dash Digital Group. Laurie took a role managing the budding digital company just in time to reshape its direction in a quickly changing industry.

Now at the helm of Dash as president and owner, Laurie gets to focus on what’s most important to her: mentoring her team, exercising her brain and body with challenges of all sorts, and creating an experience for customers they wouldn’t find in any other company.

Outside of work you’ll find Laurie out for a brisk jog with friends, at the cottage spending time with her daughter and husband, or researching how she can become a master French pastry chef.