Submitted by allison on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 13:38
digital strategy

Don't get lost online, be a front runner

“Can’t you just post it on Facebook?”

This question is so common among growing small and medium-sized businesses looking to shift their identity, marketing tactics or sales online. The answer, however, isn’t a simple yes or no.

In a globalized world, more connected than ever before, a single Facebook post, though immortalized online is quickly lost in the sea of daily posts, tweets, shares and snaps. A digital strategy -- something greater than the sum of your Twitter followers, Facebook likes and site statistics -- can give that single post a lifespan, a purpose and a measurable outcome.

To boil down the buzzword, a digital strategy is a start-to-finish plan for how you’ll achieve your goals online. Who are you targeting? What are your consumer funnels? What’s your voice, content and expected outcomes? The answers to all of these questions come together to craft a sort of roadmap for your digital efforts so you don’t waste your time throwing posts into the Internet ether to see what sticks. Instead, you have a calculated online presence that allows you to measure, assess and relentlessly improve.

When your online efforts, whether a simple Facebook post or an in-depth keyword analysis, are guided every step of the way by a digital strategy, your business won’t get lost among the masses online – you’ll be the front runner.