What's your digital strategy score?

1. Do you have a digital strategy for your business?
2. Has your online presence had a notable, positive impact on your business, even if a small one?
3. Are you familiar with the pain points, behaviours and emotions of your ideal buyers?
4. Do you know who your greatest competitors online are?
5. Are you attracting visitors to your site through organic search, social media or advertising?
6. When people visit your website do they interact with it (purchase, contact etc) or view passively?
7. Does your website perform all the duties you want it to whether data gathering, highlighting services, or e-commerce?
8. Do you have analytics connected to your website, blog, and apps?
9. Do you feel like your web presence accurately reflects your business, team and mission as a company?
10. Do you feel like your web presence is daunting, or just a headache to you and your team?